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Free Tax Consultation
FREE 30-Minute No-Obligation Tax Return Consultation For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Presidents & CEOs

Unless you're a one-person-shop small-town business or professional, chances are you employ a bookkeeper or have an accountant helping you or doing your books and financials.

Because ALL your money, your cash flow, your billings, collections, bi-monthly payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and last but not least -your TAXES, flow through this person, it is critical that they don't just "record history" for your practice. Many Accountants are great at recording history, but few actually are experts in dealing with businesses and owners like you, helping you create wealth.

I have been having Jim as my sole and primary CPA since moving to Rockford, coming from Chicago in 1991.  He has been a great advisor to me and my family in almost all kinds of financial services that we needed.  Starting from organizing and preparing our taxes and getting us the best advice, through organizing my small business needs, from payrolls to all kinds of investment advice and strategies - which were very honest and valuable.  I will recommend Jim to almost any investment needs, individuals or small business owners.  He is honest, organized and skilled.

Dr. Bassam Soufan, MD - Rockford, Illinois

If you had the money, you would invest in and hire a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) that would not only make sure your check book balanced and you're collections were up to date, but who would answer tough money questions and give you STRATEGIC advice on issues like:

  • How can I legally reduce my tax liability?
  • How can I maximize my business cash flow?
  • Should I minimize my personal practice income to pay less taxes or maximize it for retirement purposes?
  • What are the best investment vehicles to build my retirement nest egg?
  • Should I have a 401(k) plan for my staff? If so how do I structure it?
  • I have a 401(k) plan today, am I being overcharged for fees and commissions?
  • Should I continue my office lease or be looking to buy a commercial building?
  • What is the real dollar value of my business in case I want to sell it one day?
  • How do I financially bring on a partner or manager (or get rid of one)?
  • Is the Section 179 tax deduction a good reason to buy some equipment at year end?

Unfortunately these are the questions a bookkeeper or an average public accountant won't know the answer to. Often even a good bookkeeper or accounting firm will give weak or bad advice or answers because they don't deal with business owners every day and the unique aspects of a entrepreneur.

Bad Financial Advice Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars

The result of "bad advice" can cost you thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why? Because as a entrepreneur you require large amounts of capital to operate your business. You generate large amounts of revenue from your customers or clients. You pay yourself (and maybe your staff) healthy sums of money. 

Because there are more "zeroes" on the end of just about everything you do financially, when you do make a mistake the zeroes on the mistake are BIG TOO!  Understanding this we've built an Accounting & Tax Preparation service just for business owners that we call Virtual CFO and Tax Preparation.

As a business owner, there are so many aspects related to taxes, filing, both quarterly and annually that I am not familiar with.  Jim knows exactly what to do, and either advises me, or just handles it for me.  What a relief.  The real bonus is, I've never had any unwanted "surprises" come April 15th.

Greg Martin - Small Business Owner - Sycamore, Illinois

For a fixed monthly fee we will balance your books each month, complete your annual corporate AND personal tax return, generate the annual financial statement for your business and once a year, prepare a Financial Health Assessment that overviews your financial strengths and weaknesses.

In addition you can have UNLIMITED DISCUSSIONS with our internal experts by phone or in person. That's right, as long as you're our client, you can have U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D phone calls or emails or physical meetings with our staff,ask them questions, pick their brains and use their expert advice to increase the "financial productivity" of your dental practice. Our experts include our:

  • CPA's - Certified Public Accountants
  • MBA's Financial Experts
  • Business Valuation Experts
  • Investment and Financial Planners
  • Payroll Specialists
  • Tax Return Specialists

Are You Getting "Nickel And Dimed" For Every Question & Call You Make?

Inmost accounting and CPA firms when you call up to ask questions of any length, the clock starts running. People often complain they are"nickel and dimed" by their CPA. That's how they make their money.

But with Tures and Associates you don't have to worry about picking up the phone, sending us an email or a fax -- and then getting billed EXTRA for a consultation call or meeting.

So if you feel like you're not getting any or good financial advice from your current accountant, or your CPA is not the financial expert you thought he or she was, or you have a tax dilemma, or you feel you can get better advice, tax work AND save money at the same time, then give me a call, Jim Tures at 815-394-1040.

And in case you have a question on our pricing, again it is $6,000 per year (paid monthly) for balancing your books each month, completing your annual corporate AND personal tax return, generating the annual financial statement for your dental practice.

And once a year we will prepare a Financial Health Assessment and Operating Budget that overviews your financial strengths and weaknesses all along with UNLIMITED Consultation.

I can help you to Unlock the Wealth in Your Practice.
Call my office to schedule your FREE 30-Minute Consultation. 
I'll even look at your last year's tax returns to evaluate where you can potentially make changes and improve your tax situation.

I can be reached at 815-394-1040 or by email at jtures@turesandassociates.com.

Sincerely, Jim Tures, CPA


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