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What to Bring to Your Tax Appointment
1.  Signed and completed organizer. All W-2 (wages), F-1099R (pension), W-2G (gambling winnings), F-1099MISC (contract labor), F-1099INT (interest earned), F-1099DIV (dividends earned) and interest earned from savings bonds. F-1099G (State refunds) along with any K-1's (partnership, Sub-S, trust/Estate income)

2.  You must provide the total amount of tax-exempt interest earned (municipal bonds or tax-exempt mutual funds).  You must obtain this information from the fund, as it is reportable (not taxable) on your Federal tax return, may be reportable and taxable on your state return. This information is shown on the final "Year End" statement.

3.  Statements showing the amount of unemployment or social security (or SSI) benefits received.



Medical Expenses Paid:

           -Heath Insurance Premiums

          -Long Term Care Premiums

          -Other Expenses


Real Estate Taxes Paid:

          -Primary Residence

          -Sales Tax Paid

          -Personal Property Tax (Auto)


Mortgage Interest Paid: (1098s)

          -Primary Mortgage

          -Equity/2nd Mortgages


Charitable Contributions:

          -Checks or Statements

          -Non-Cash Items Value*

           *If over $500 bring detailed receipts stating value of items


Employee Expenses:

          -Union/ Prof. Dues

          -Job Education


          -Safety boots/clothes


           *please detail

5.  Child care expenses, including REQUIRED information: Name, address and Tax ID# or SS# of provider (s).
6.  Any other items of income or expense you feel may be applicable to your tax return.
              a) Cost of college tuition and fees paid for yourself or dependents
              b) College loan interest paid.


If you sold stock or mutual fund shares, we need BOTH the purchase AND sale papers, including 1099-B's.

IMPORTANT - Mutual Fund record keeping is very complex. Sales, withdrawals AND transfers are taxable events.
Contact your broker for cost basis.

If you bought OR sold a home, please bring:
- Closing papers from the SALE of your old home
- Closing papers from the PURCHASE of your old home

If you are involved in any of the following, we have special worksheets that will help you gather the proper tax information. 

[A] Business/work use of personal automobile and you were not reimbursed (also required if self-employed )

[B] Purchase of rental property (bring closing papers)

[C] Rental Income/Expenses

[D] Conversion of your residence to rental property

[E] Business income (self-employment)

[F] Sale, transfer or withdrawal from a mutual fund

[G] Un-reimbursed moving expenses, due to a change of work location (must move over 50 miles).

[H] Exclusive use of a home office to operate a business, perform substantial administrative duties for your business OR use of your home to provide daycare services.  We will need the total square footage of your home, and the portion used EXCLUSIVELY for business use.  Also, we will need your total household expenses (i.e. Heat, Electric, Insurance, etc)


Also, please bring with you Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth for yourself, spouse, and any dependents. 

Prior Year Tax Return-IF WE DID NOT PREPARE IT


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